Specialised Liquid Rubber Waterproofing


Ideal Peoples Liquid Rubber’s business is applying instant-setting elastomeric modified asphalt emulsion coatings. These coatings are environmentally friendly.

Liquid Rubber’s coatings are used to protect a wide variety of materials commonly used in; building construction, earthworks, metal and concrete protection.

The Liquid Rubber product concept is to replace traditional asphalt based waterproofing membranes and solvent based spray applied coatings with modified emulsion products.

Over ten years of research in waterproofing technology, Liquid Rubber Manufacturing Pty Ltd have perfected a solvent-free fluid. When this solvent-free fluid is applied it has rapid setting qualities to create a substantial waterproofing membrane.

Our goal is to be the preferred waterproofing and corrosion control products applicator.

We work towards achieving this goal through support from Liquid Rubber Manufacturing Pty Ltd continuously innovating, providing products of consistent quality and performance and providing excellence in technical and after sales support.

Premium Instant Set is a fluid applied product for protecting metal surfaces from corrosion and rust. The cured Premium Instant Set protective coating has excellent dielectric strength, gas permeability, resistance to corrosion creep back, and blistering.


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